Are You Still Looking for More Time?

Hi << Test First Name >>

‘I don’t have enough time’

‘I haven’t had time to do that’

or the one that always makes me smile

‘I’ll do it when I get more time’.

My clients, other business owners, your staff, just about everyone (including me) make comments like these.

I recently sent you an email full of tips to help deal with the time thieves in your day. They really help if and only if you recognise the following as true:

The biggest impact on our use of time comes from our own ATTITUDE!!!

It’s how we look at our own time, how we assign our own priorities, and what we’ve been conditioned to believe about time that determines how effectively we use our time.

Why would I pester you about this?

Well your time is your life and your life is your time. Simple as that and as important as that.

A local business owner recently told me “For 20 years I’ve owned my own business, I’ve always been flat out. I have to work 50 to 60 hours per week just to keep up”.

I could relate to his story. Eight years ago I was working similar hours and running myself into the ground.

Not only did I end up burning myself out, I wasn’t making the time for the important things (or the important people) in my life.

Just ask my ex-wife she’ll tell you all about it 😓

These days I only work 30 hours per week. I pick the kids up from school a couple of days per week and go to their activities.

I take 6 weeks holidays per year. He said “Wow, I haven’t had a holiday for years! I couldn’t possibly do that in my business, it just wouldn’t work,”

One of the benefits of owning your own business is you set the rules. You design your business however you want it to be. You figure out what’s important, both workwise and in your personal life. When you are really clear on your priorities you focus on achieving the important things.

You are in control of your time.

Whether you’re working long hours or not, we’ve all got the same number of hours in every day. If we optimise what we do each day then we are going to get more time to do the things we really enjoy.

Here are my top 5 tips towards optimising your time:

  1. Start every day with your highest impact activities. What’s going to give you the biggest results today? Most people waste their time on low impact tasks and never get the results they want.
  2. Kill the distractions. Email, Facebook, Instagram, messages are all chewing out your precious time and demanding your attention. Your best results will come from the deep work you do away from distraction.
  3. You have limited Fuel for quality thinking time. Between 20 to 60 minutes is your optimum time for completing high impact activities. After 1 hour take a 10 minute break. Give yourself a reward – a healthy snack, a walk outdoors or a social chat.
  4. Automate your Business If you’ve done a task more than ten times, ask yourself how can I automate this function in my business? We automated one process in Fuel 4 Business and saved over one hour each time we have to do it.
  5. Send less emails. I used to receive over 100 emails per day and now I get 10. I avoid sending emails (where possible), instead I call or text. Calling people is often quicker than sending multiple emails and you’ll enrich relationships by talking to people

It’s your time to enjoy life.