How to get more time in your Business

Time is something that most people struggle with. As a Business Coach I’ll often hear people say things like ‘I don’t have enough time’, ‘I haven’t had time to do that’ or one of the biggest time excuses ‘I’ll do it when I get more time’.

The truth is, if we really want to do something we will make the time. We’ll find the time to do it. If we believe something is important enough then we will schedule it into our day. In contrast, if it’s not important to us then we’ll find time to make up an excuse .

I recently met a Business Owner who was telling me how busy he was. He said “For the last 20 years that I’ve owned my own business, I’ve always been flat out. I have to work 50 to 60 hours per week just to keep up”. I told him how I could relate to his story, and how eight years ago I was working similar hours and running myself into the ground. Not only did I end up burning myself out, I wasn’t making the time for the important things (or the important people) in my life, just ask my ex-wife she’ll tell you all about it . These days I only work 30 hours per week. I like to pick the kids up from school a couple of days per week and go to their activities. I also like to take 6 weeks holidays per year. He said “Wow, I haven’t had a holiday for years! I couldn’t possibly do that in my business, it just wouldn’t work, it’s not that kind of business. I need to be there”.

I told him how I believed one of the benefits of owning your own business was, you get to set the rules. You get to design your business however you want it to be. You need to figure out what’s important, both workwise and in your personal life. You need to maximise your time doing what’s important and not get distracted on the things that aren’t. You need to have effective strategies in place to manage/optimise your time. He said “I’ve never thought of it like that before. You’ve given me lots to think about”.

At the end of the day whether you’re working long hours or not, we’ve all got the same number of hours in the day available to us. If we can optimise what we do each day then we are going to get more time to do the things we really enjoy.

Here are my top 5 tips towards optimising your time:

1. Start every day with your highest impact activities. What task/s are going to give you the biggest results today? Most people waste their time on low impact tasks and therefore don’t get the results they want.

2. You have limited Fuel for quality thinking time. Between 20 to 60 minutes is your optimum time for completing high impact activities. After 1 hour reward yourself with a 10 min break, a healthy snack or with an easier task to re-fuel your brain.

3. Avoid distractions. Our brains are designed for distractions, therefore you need to remove as many distractions from your workspace as possible. Eg. Put your phone on silent when you’re working on important tasks and get rid of any unnecessary pop-ups on your computer/phone such as email and social media notifications. You’ll stay focused for longer and you’ll increase your productivity.

4. Send less emails. I used to receive over 100 emails per day and now I only get 10. This is because I avoid sending emails (where possible), instead I’ll call or text people. If you don’t send emails you don’t get replies and your inbox will be clearer, and so will your mind. Utilise texting for quick communications for answers to simple questions and confirming appointment times, etc. Calling people is often quicker than sending multiple emails and you’ll get to build/strengthen your relationships by talking to people.

5. Get clear on what’s really important to you. Set 90 day goals for what outcomes you want to achieve each quarter. What are your important projects? Prioritise them and break them down daily, weekly, monthly so you can measure your progress. This way you’ll be more focused and you’ll spend less time on low impact tasks which don’t link in with your 90 day outcomes.

I hope these tips help you to optimise your time and you get to spend more time doing what’s important in your life. If you would like to learn more why not attend our FREE monthly seminar called ‘There’s never been a better time’ on Friday 30 June. Click here to book your Free ticket